HR Preparation/Interview/Meet and Greets

Preparing for the HR portion of the interview is often the most challenging. This includes interactions such as Meet and Greets with Chief Pilots, or aviation conferences and trade shows. You must be prepared to explain how you will benefit the employer using specific examples that demonstrate a point you want to drive home.  Your answers must be clear and consice as it is easy to ramble or get nervous.  You only have a limited time to make an impression so it is important you make every answer impactful and relevant. Whether you're preparing for an airline interview or a Meet and Greet, our HR Interview Prep session has been developed to prepare clients for these very important interactions.

We offer one on one interview prep sessions that are tailored to you. Our team of prep experts will help you showcase your qualities and provide a variety of tools to utilize during your interview or meet and greet. Instead of canned answers to the hundreds of gouge questions you may find online, our prep experts will help you identify key attributes you bring to the table and how to format your stories for maximum effect.

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HR Prep - $299 (2 Hrs)

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