Technical Preparation

A commercial pilot is expected to have a wealth of knowledge to rely on. From meteorology to federal regulations, all topics are on the table in an interview. It is best to look at the job that you are applying to when selecting what to study.

All pilot positions require strong systems knowledge.  Be prepared to explain the systems and limitations for the most complicated aircraft you have flown.  If it was a relatively simple plane and you are applying to a company that flies jets, familiarize yourself with turbine systems and turbine engine theory.

Most pilot interviews will have a few questions that involve mental math. This may be as simple as changing the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, to calculating a top of decent. There are many good books that teach tips and tricks to help you develop this skill.

Another common area of questioning is IFR charts.  Make sure that you are familiar with both Jepp and government charts. It is a good idea to have somebody ask you questions about the chart and what the many symbols mean.  Be prepared to brief an instrument approach including relevant information as well as threats or other 'big picture' items.

If you feel weak in any technical areas our experienced aviation experts can tutor you to proficiency and provide you the confidence to interview well.

Technical Prep - $150/Hr

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