Do Your Homework

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of being the only person in the room "not in the know"?  When interviewing at an airline you should be well versed in their history, culture, leadership and values.  I guarantee they know more than you do so a little preparation pays dividends.

Start with a general overview of the airline’s history.  Wikipedia provides a great summary including major events and key players.  Familiarize yourself with this background information until you can speak intelligently about turning points in the airline’s success.  Better yet, many airlines have books published about their history.  Buy one and invest in educating yourself about your future employer.

Every company has a culture and brand.  This culture is very important because it influences the very decision making process that makes them successful.  Are they low cost and squeeze revenue through efficiency?  Do they pride themselves on service?  Are they hip or conservative?  Once you understand the company culture you can begin to think about how you will explain to them you are a good fit.

Dig around on the airline’s website and become familiar with the current leadership team.  Read their bios and how they contribute to the company.  While you are at it, check out the press releases.  What news has been recently announced.  If the airline feels this information is important to the public, it should be important to you as a prospective employee.

Most companies use Mission Statements, Core Values and/or Critical Success Factors to help the airline navigate a very competitive environment. These values help define what makes the company unique. You should be very familiar with these values and how you share them on a personal level. This helps demonstrate that you are a good fit for the company.

It may seem like a lot of work but you will spend several years with this airline, if not the rest of your career.  A little preparation will greatly help your confidence while explaining why they should hire you.