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From your first flight instructor to the person that you are sitting next to at the airport, it is important to keep records and keep in touch with people who could help you later.

Do Your Homework

Have you ever experienced the embarrassment of being the only person in the room "not in the know"?  When interviewing at an airline you should be well versed in their history, culture, leadership and values.

Dress for Success

There are a lot of theories about power ties, navy vs black suit, pleated vs straight leg…none of it matters.  What does matter is that you look professional and fit the image the public expects an airline pilot to look like.

Social Media

Over half the world’s population uses a social media account so chances are you do too.

Nonverbal Communication

You make an impression the moment you walk in a room.  Do you stand erect?  Do you look people in the eye?  Do you engage with a smile?  These nonverbal cues speak volumes before the questions even begin.

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