Social Media

Over half the world’s population uses a social media account so chances are you do too.  There is nothing wrong sharing your experiences with friends and family but be aware your prospective employer is checking.

Most airlines today search your media accounts as part of your background check.  You will not be asked to provide them access but be careful.  Those party pictures you posted last month may be hidden on your page but what about your friend who shared them?  In preparation for the interview, check your online posts and remove anything you would be uncomfortable discussing.

The same goes for political, religious and racial posts.  There are plenty of issues that many people passionately express online but participating through a public venue will not help you get hired.  Before you hit send ask yourself if you would feel uncomfortable should your prospective employer read it.

Social media is an easy way to express yourself for better or worse.  Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter this is the reality in today's world.