Meet the Team

Bradley Donaldson - Owner

Bradley began flying at the age of 15 in gliders on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii. At the age of 17, he was a pilot and off to the University of North Dakota. In 1999 he graduated from UND with a BS in Aeronautics while serving as a Flight Instructor and Supervisor of Flight for the over 100 aircraft fleet.

Moving to Seattle after graduation, Bradley flew for a regional airline until 2007 on the Dash 8, equipped with "Fog Buster" Heads Up Guidance (HGS) technology. In 2007 he moved on to a major airline flying 737s in some of the most technologically advanced and challenging conditions.

Gordon Alvord - Owner

Gordon is a UND Aerospace grad with a B.S. in Commercial Aviation.  In addition to 15,000+ hours of Part 121 flight experience, Gordon has managed several successful aviation businesses including the creation of Rainier Flight Service.  Since it's inception Gordon has assisted hundreds of applicants prepare for their dream job and organized career fairs for the aviation industry.


Monika Turpen - Counselor

Monika began flying at a very young age, but not as a pilot, more like a passenger. However, she's been closely connected to the aviation industry since 2009 and understands the processes and intricacies of this fast paced environment. Monika has been in Human Resources for over 10 years and has supported various businesses and clients with assistance in interviewing, candidate selection, resume and cover letter review, employee relations, policy manual creation and revision and many other facets of HR.

The combination of Human Resources and aviation knowledge gives Monika the ability to support clients in a unique way, offering a more robust service that is tailored for each client.

David Glick - Counselor

David worked 24 years in the Air Force flying a variety of aircraft before transitioning to commercial flying for a major carrier.  Currently a captain, David has helped countless military aviators successfully transition to the airlines.  During his free time he enjoys assisting with the high school booster club and supporting the cross country and track events.

Nyle Campbell - Counselor

Nyle is a Puget Sound local and Central Washington University graduate with a degree in Flight Technology. After college he worked as a Gold Seal flight instructor teaching in wheel and float planes as well as flying Caravans and Chieftains for a part 135 operator. Nyle went on to fly for our country's largest regional airline where he also interviewed and hired hundreds of pilots as a member of the interview team. He now flies Boeing 737s for a major airline.

Ryan Weir - Counselor

Having grown up on a local airport community, aviation has been in Ryan's family since day one. Ryan started flying gliders at age 14, a few short years later he was flight instructing at his local airport. Ryan later flew part 135 cargo out of Seattle for a year before being hired at a large regional airline. Ryan spent the next 15 years serving in various roles including Checkairman, Ast. Chief Pilot, and hiring new first officers. Today, Ryan now flies a Boeing 737 for a Major Airline, and enjoys flying his Cessna 140 and J-3 Cub for pleasure.

Brad Maas - Counselor

Brad Maas is currently a Seattle-based B767/B757 first officer for a legacy carrier and has logged over 11,000 hours in Part 121 operations. Brad attended the University of North Dakota and earned a B.S. degree in Aeronautics. While flying for a regional carrier Brad also acted as Lead Instructor for the Flight Management System and Autoflight department. In addition, Brad was part of the EFB implementation team and selected as a CAT III demonstration pilot to certify new runways and approach procedures.

Outside of aviation, Brad is an advocate for the American Diabetes Association. He routinely meets with elected officials in Washington, D.C. as well as the state Capitol. In addition, Brad is a team captain for an ADA Tour de Cure bicycle team to raise money for diabetes research, advocacy and education. Since 2012, Brad's growing team of 42 cyclists has raised over $100,000 to help millions of people living with diabetes.

Robert Henson - Counselor

Robert has lived in Washington almost his whole life. After High school, he served six years in the US Army as a Chinook helicopter mechanic. After the completion of his service he attended Central Washington University. Following graduation he flight instructed at Auburn University in Alabama for a couple years. That led Robert to his passenger flying career at Scenic Airlines in Las Vegas Nevada flying Twin Otters over the Grand Canyon. After about a year of flying there he flew for two successful regional airlines for 7 1/2 years. Robert now flies for a major airline and has been based in Seattle since 2014. Through the years, in this wonderful career, Robert has gained experience and knowledge which he looks forward to sharing with others as he assists them in their career progression.

Kelly Clinefelter - Counselor

Growing up in the Northwest creates a unique love for aviation; Kelly started flying at Bremerton national and then transferred to Central Washington University to complete a Flight Technology Degree. After college he started an Aerial Survey Pilot position traveling the country and experiencing General Aviation in a new way. He then continued his career with a Regional Airline flying the CRJ fleet, based out of Denver and becoming a Denver resident. He enjoyed flying as a First Officer to destinations such as Aspen, Gunnison and Eagle and eventually upgraded to a Captain position based in Detroit. Currently, Kelly flies 737's with a major airline and is happy to be based and living in Seattle. He connects with our clients in a unique way by tapping into their strengths and providing tools and solutions to potential weaknesses. Kelly appreciates every opportunity to prepare our clients for their exciting future. 

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